Experts want to save the cathedral

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“The Christ Church Cathedral is the emblem of the city it stands in but its future looks bleak. A restoration expert, an architect and an architectural historian tell Paul Focamp that it is too valuable to be demolished. After the February 2011 earthquake the Christ Church Cathedral looked as …

Jim Anderton: Does this look like a ruin to you?

Former Christchurch MP Jim Anderton responds to Herald on Sunday columnist Paul Little on the future of ChristChurch Cathedral.       Herald on Sunday columnist Paul Little writes in his column on Sunday June 30, quite properly, about the catastrophic effect on the people of Christchurch of th …

Church decision paves the way for demolition

The stay of execution for the quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral in Christchurch has been lifted.   Justice Graham Panckhurst released findings which lift the stay on deconstruction of the cathedral.  Read more here.  This move was not unexpected by campaigners to save the Cathedral and neit …

Magnate steps up fight for cathedral

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A high-profile Christchurch businessman is fronting a nationwide television commercial as the fight to save the Christ Church Cathedral escalates. Mortgage and real estate magnate Mike Pero is appearing in 60-second commercials being aired mainly during breakfast slots on TV One, TV3, Prime and Can …

Link to web page in New York Times

An article in the New York Times by Justin Bergman on the Christchurch earthquake recovery includes a mention of the campaign to save the cathedral along with a link to our web site.  See the article here.

Unholy war over cathedral

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Graeme Brady is sick of it. Sick of making the arguments, sick of hearing the counter-arguments. Sick of watching a beloved building slowly deteriorate while Cantabrians squabble. But he has more invested in it than most. Brady is a retired Anglican priest and one of the trustees of the Great Chris …

GCBT responds to the Bishop

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There is nothing new in any of these statements, except that the Bishop and her advisers continue to advocate for the destruction of arguably Canterbury’s most iconic historic building. None of the issues raised by the Church, including costs, safety, and engineering are new. They have all be …

Anglicans tell Peters to butt out

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The Anglican Church is dismayed that the rebuilding of earthquake-damaged Christchurch Cathedral may feature in talks to form a government this year…. Read the full article here

Peters backing fix for ‘icon’

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Restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral could be a condition of any post-election coalition deal, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says. Peters, who was visiting Christchurch yesterday, called for government intervention and funding for the restoration of the earthquake-damaged landmark. …

Bishop’s attitude to Cathedral ‘bizarre’

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“OPINION: Nothing would symbolise survival, rebirth and memorial so dramatically as the restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral, writes Philip Burdon The legacy of the earthquake is a devastated and broken city that has shown a brave and determined ambition to recover and rebuild. The Arts …