“It looks like a modern-day miracle and you could forgive people for wanting to take a closer look at a building that appears to be floating.

The Provo Tabernacle in Provo, Utah, was gutted by fire in December 2010.

Instead of demolishing the whole building, the residents decided they wanted to save the exterior of the 130-year-old building, so they placed the entire seven million pound structure onto 40-foot-high steel stilts.”

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  1. Prof. David Alexander August 3, 2013 at 2:39 am — Reply

    The Utah example is startling, but in Italy rehabilitation and reconstruction of churches damaged by earthquakes is routine. In the 1999 Umbria-Marche earthquake, 1,200 religious buildings were damaged or partly destroyed and there was no talk of demolishing and removing any of them.

    In the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, eleven of the twelve churches in L’Aquila city were very badly damaged, in most cases to at least the same level as Christchurch cathedral. One has already been rebuilt (in the process revealing some beautiful 13th-century frescoes that had been covered with plaster for centuries), and reconstruction is underway on all the others. In some cases the damage was worse than that at Christchurch, but again there was no talk whatsoever of demolition.

    In the 1976 Friuli earthquakes, the Cathedral at Gemona was reduced to four unconnected and unstable walls. It is now a fully reconstructed 14th-century building, and safely antiseismic. Down the road at Venzone, the local cathedral collapsed. A video of how this happened can be downloaded from the Faculty of Engineering at Udine University. The 8,200 stones were numbered and reconstructed. So was the Mediaeval baptistry. They are now much as before, but safe against future earthquakes. Once again, no one even mentioned the possibility of getting rid of these buildings. It was out of the question.

  2. L Murray March 4, 2014 at 1:16 pm — Reply

    This should not be about what Victoria Matthews wants… it is not a legacy/monument to her! It should be about what is best for Christchurch, the majority of people in Christchurch want to rebuild the Cathedral, it is what they see as the heart of Christchurch!! Tourists come from all over the world to see the 19th century Christchurch Cathedral, the new transitional Cathedral is hideous and a huge disappointment!! If Victoria Matthews has her way we will have a monstrosity and lose our beautiful history!!! Furthermore, if people are generous enough to donate money to the rebuild, it should be rebuilt or the money given back!!!!!!!

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