Graeme Brady is sick of it. Sick of making the arguments, sick of hearing the counter-arguments. Sick of watching a beloved building slowly deteriorate while Cantabrians squabble.

But he has more invested in it than most. Brady is a retired Anglican priest and one of the trustees of the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust. The trust is better known as the group fronted by Jim Anderton and Philip Burdon, former MPs from the Left and Right who buried traditional political differences for the common cause of rescuing the earthquake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral from an Anglican leadership that wants to deconstruct or demolish.

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  1. Ian Wells April 6, 2014 at 4:52 pm — Reply

    I live in chch. I am deeply embedded in the future of this city. I am a member of the Anglican church here. I agree the cathedral is iconic. What the cathedral is, is symbolic of what the future city will be. I personally want to live in a city of the future, not a city of the past. I am strongly in favour of a new cathedral that represents a new city, a new future. We are lucky to have several churches, such as ST Barnabas, that can contain the history of churches in this city. I think it is healthy for the future of the Anglican church and for Christians in general to embrace the future and have a wonderful, iconic new cathedral for a Christchurch reborn. Ian

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