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  1. Suzanne Clark September 21, 2016 at 9:43 pm — Reply

    I love what you wrote here Sister John Mary Adshead. I went to Christchurch last weekend, I’m rather embarrassed to say it was my first visit back in over 30 years, but living in Wellingron, I guess I have jjst tended to venture north. I was deeply shocked and saddened to see the once beautiful cathedral as it is now. I fully support the cathedral being restored if possible. I’d be devastated it Wellingron lost some of our historic churches, namely St Mary of the Angels in Boulcott street, which is where I too used to go and sit as a 16 year old and ponder about God. . I will be praying along with you Sister that this beautiful church can rise up again and be the pillar of the city. I also pray for all of Christchurch and the people there as you move forward with the rebuild.

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