We have formed an incorporated society called Restore Christchurch Cathedral Group Incorporated. We are registered as a charity so that donations made to us are eligible for a tax rebate.  If you believe the cathedral should be restored we urge you to join us.  Membership is a modest sum of $10 dollars.  A subscription form can be downloaded here

You can pay directly to our bank account:

Kiwi Bank: 38 9012 0648542 00

If you choose to pay online, please remember to let us know your contact details by email to restorechristchurchcathedral@gmail.com or use the Contact Form on our website.

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  1. Marcus Brandt June 13, 2015 at 2:38 am — Reply

    Tim paid my membership fee (too complicated to send US funds) We’re working on making that much easier.

    Warm regards to all


    PS…we reallyt should get geographical inf from folks on this form… where do you live? …. would you like to be active in the effort to save the Cathedral beyond simply becoming a member? what are your interests &/or skills? etc.

    It’s all info that’s useful and easily gathered on this membership form

  2. Jeremy Beatson August 29, 2015 at 11:25 am — Reply

    Why don’t they just put in support beams where the’re needed and tidy it up a bit and then open it back up to the public?

    • Jeremy Beatson August 29, 2015 at 11:40 am — Reply

      Can you remove this? I put it on the wrong page.

  3. Malcolm B Pease. December 24, 2016 at 12:19 pm — Reply

    Yet another lack of decision!!After so much time and huge cost ,I for one find the ongoing wrangling over this proposed rebuild quite tiring and deadening.And most likely many others as well.But maybe it’s not too late for a completely new look at the situation. While certainly the old cathedral has a lot of history,tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings of many,etc etc,it appears to most of us outside-of-Christchurch Anglican’s and indeed most of the common down to earth public,that the only real reason for it’s extremely costly and lengthy rebuild is to the benefit of the wealthy local commercial re-developers,who just want it as a customer draw card,NOT for what it really should be the spiritual centre of the community..
    With the staggering number of young families who are increasingly being deprived of so much as a sheet of corrugated iron over their heads,a place to bring up a stable family,surely our Church now MUST put it’s money where it’s mouth is and get out to do the true work of Christ-that is to minister to those increasingly at the bottom of what’s left of our society.Over $67 million,and the huge amount of administration involved would be far more faithfully put to work through groups such as Habitat for Humanity,out there where the Church of Christ (‘Christ’schurch).If the local developers are so keen to see the old cathedral site tidied up,let them buy it,do what they like with the old building,and with that money added to the $67m, ,along with the large number of able planners released from this get the families of Christchurch into warm,safe housing,out in the suburbs,where they can bring up their families in a truly Christ-based way. Let’s see Christ’s Church go forward NOT backwards into the costly nostalgic past.

  4. Malcolm B Pease. December 24, 2016 at 12:43 pm — Reply

    Further to the above ,two sentences weren’t quite completed.
    after ‘out where the Church of Christ (Christ’ church)’ add – ‘really matters’ released from this time wasting and onerous debate,ers’.
    and add to ‘along with the large number of able planners’add ‘released from this time wasting and onerous debate,get the families
    of Christchurch ‘ etc-

  5. Jeremy Collis January 30, 2017 at 10:59 am — Reply

    Christchurch Cathedral is a disgraceful mess. Its heritage in New Zealand is irreplaceable so it should be renovated and returned to its original state, or better, whatever the cost. New Zealand has precious little history and once you destroy this icon you can’t get it back.
    J C

  6. philippa June 13, 2017 at 2:21 am — Reply

    Dear Restore Christchurch Cathedral Group,Thankyou for factual details about cathedral,The story can get very muddled.

    I have two comment,both probably a bit controversal.

    I did some research on the person holding the Bishops role, when there were first problems.
    The profile I gathered,easily accessible on internett etc, was of an” acaedemic” ,I will say I have often enjoyed words written by Vic.

    But also of a person ,deep into any controversial matters and apparently thriving in such situations,regardless of upsets and disagrements,.I think the debate which has drained so many ,is likely the stuff of life for this lady,with a sharp mind and total dedication to what she may believe.

    I dont think the debacle is much to do with Christianity,but it is a power struggle to do with territory and ownership,

    The other point:myself as an Anglican am aware of the dwindling number of church goers.

    I think modern science causes enormus difficulties for younger or even any thinking person. .
    All the” clever” people seem to be in science. Necessary thought in theology to me seemingly stuck in a premodern mindset has not progressed ….it all seems a bit out of touch with modern revelations in astronomy,ecology,technology,medicine,etc.
    Engand apparently has many beautiful big and little churches which cater for a few ancient, small congregations,dedicated clergy and everyone wondering about maintenance and relevance of these time loved places . There is great resistance against pulling anything down,however
    I agee totally with the above authors acknowledgement of past meaning and contributions over years And the significance of architecture.

    As long as these present old Anglicans have total sayso in todays day situation, I believe the narrowest of views seems to dominate.

    Ecumenical values seem powerful especially in USA where all varieties of congregations gather for many indoor and outdoor activities.

    That beautiful Cathedral would offer space not just for Anglican practices but for any gathering of citizens on days of importance,as it has with music ‘flower shows,and more civic enjoyable times
    It could be a very busy place as have Cathedrals been at different historical times.A multi purpose building I dont think is sacrilegous,especially if its history and “specialness” oozes from its 200yr.old fabric.

    A robust rebuild Cathedral could
    offer a place of safety should we again have other terrible events ,and not be death trap of falling masonary.

    I will make my small contribution as a vote for continuation of the past flowering into a wealth of meaning for us all.Thankyou restoration persons:I feel hope and freshness!with your honourable actions,

  7. joy lamb June 13, 2017 at 12:18 pm — Reply

    My suggestion

    My Mum was born in Riccarton, Christchurch. I love the frontage of the church.

    I feel that the solution is to REPAIR THE CHURCH FRONTAGE AND SIDES AND BACK if you like and build another church inside.

    The Church is an icon of Christchurch and it is wonderful and immediate archway.

    From outside the church looks as if it is in its natural SAME but once one enters through the archway they will become a photographer change – a modern change to the building.

    come on christchurchians you cannot expect the Anglican Church to front up with ALL THAT MONEY when a safe modern church stands within.

    It must be SAFE that is the first CHALLENGE. It should be a memory of the wonderful ancient CHURCH but change is necessary for THIS DAY.

    cheers Joy

  8. Vicki Parker July 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm — Reply

    Has anyone thought of pulling the deat lady down and rebuilding using the original stonework and masonry techniques.
    Rebuild the bell towers and let the bells tower over the city again
    Open the observatory towers again
    Reopen the visitors centre
    Allow the cathedral grammar choirsters back
    Allow a animal blessing a couple times a year
    Original.stained glass windows put back
    Get the original organ going – richard hore?
    Original pews n artifacts
    I know this may be not be able to be done and may be offensive to some but make it inter denomintational so it is a church for all of christchurch canterbury and many of the large churches are still damaged

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